[Vintage] Maaseik (Belgique) le 17 avril 2011

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Une petite annonce pour un tournoi pas trop loin:

Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas...


Et le lien pour le site: http://blackborderbrawl.tk


Merci pour la correction Carl, vous avez raison. Je m'avais trompé  :oops:



Veerle Delecluyse has confirmed she will be at the venue to accept commissions for altering cards. On our site we added a new page with some examples of her previous alters.


Already 27 preregistrations, this going into the right direction towards the 50 and the Alpha Ancestral Recall :)

All preregistrations are published periodically on our website:



guaranteed price-support:

1 mox ruby unlimited
2 Jace, the mind sculptor
3 Tundra
4 Tundra
5-8 Foil Mishra's Factory

50 or more people (we are now almost @40, site needs to be updated this evening) first place gets an alpha ancestral recall


Inventeur du MiniWag :)

Citation de: astre le 03 Janvier 2010, 08:38:09
CwaM c'est comme le messi.
il fait un signe, et tout l'univers est inscrit dedans  :lol:
Citation de: astre
‹astre› quand même, tu casse souvent
‹astre› même si quand même t'as souvent raison


Le site de la GT Team :

European Eternal Reference : Eternal Central !


Site de la Team GT

Citation de: hooh le 15 Janvier 2007, 15:40:47
on me signale que life n'a pas géré phage hier a clichy  :lol:

Citation de: nicofromtokyo parlant de son deck le 31 Janvier 2009, 10:45:57
Ca remballe contre aggro et combo, ça marche pas génial contre un jeu controle bien joué, mais je ne pense pas que ce soit complètement pourri non plus.


I'd like to inform you all that the preregistrations will end this friday 15/04/2011.

At this moment we have 45 preregistered players. The handing out of the Alpha Ancestral Recall is coming very close!


The preregistrations have ended. We are at 51 players which means if everybody shows up we are allready handing out an Alpha Ancestral Recall. It's still possible to register at the venue, there's enough room to host all of you.
I still hope to see you all there and to make it a pleasant day!

Kind regards,



TO report, decklists video's and results are posted o our site under the menu item "Results"
I'd like to thank Robrecht for the writing of the text.