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29 Octobre 2011, 17:05:57
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25 Mai 2024, 01:30:42
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25 Février 2017, 23:16:27
@MtgTheSource : Goyf is worth more than its weight in Gold.
@MTG Salvation : i tell you one thing, if there's a folk on this earth who likes dem dredge, it's the germans. When germans tell you to go quad, you go quad ! do not question them... ever.  
@GenCon2012 - About report of BrianDeMars : Does it matter? He went 0-2 drop. I want to know what the people who actually won a match played.
@theManadrain - About the Deckname of Menandian : lol ok, what did you change a card or two and call it meandeck x? Sorry if my post ruins your hype for your upcoming 4 dollar article.
EDH 1v1 : Animar - Sigarda - Nin - Sidisi
EDH Multi : GAA4 - Omnath - Kiki-Jiki - Brimaz - Oloro - Kaalia - Kozilek
Modern : Merfolk
Legacy : Dredge "Quad'Lazer"
Vintage : PitchLong Oath